The Brisket Shoppe is a creation of G&P and is the baddest little BBQ joint when it comes to brisket. Our brisket is specialized.


Things are not dictated by time and temperature, it’s when it’s done right. There is an art and craftsmanship to brisket. We are all about the brisket culture. We do shit and we do it right. If you’re not doing it right, then don’t do it. We know BBQ and we know brisket. We hold our briskets to the highest standards because of pure passion of grilling.

No apologies and no, we cannot offer all things to everyone. We are a BBQ house specializing brisket and it is the best brisket in town. We bring in featured items Prime, Wagyu, Beef Ribs, brisket burritos, brisket tacos. Local special and chef inspired features.

Just do it…and do it right.

Your Hometown Smokehouse

No Microwave
No Can Opener
No Freezer

You will not find a microwave, freezer, or can opener in our back of house. Since our briskets are specially handcrafted with the highest qualities, we will run out. Limited quantities per day.

Ways to eat our food

Texas and Southern inspired, but it’s OUR STYLE. 16 hours in our smoker, all a hands on process. Dine in and take out only.


Our meat is delivered fresh everyday. The back of the house at The Brisket Shoppe contains no freezer, microwave, or can opener. So, when we run out we close for the day. Make sure to visit us early to get a chance at these specialty briskets!

Briskets offer a unique experience when slow cooked that you will not find with any other cut of beef.

Our prices reflect the outstanding quality that we serve our customers.

We only serve food that is prepared for that day so it is always the freshest and best tasting!

Brisket is a large portion of meat which naturally has a portion of fat that makes it idea for smoking to serve.  Brisket is a cut of meat comes from the forequarter of cattle.

Because it is such a large portion of meat which typically ranges between 5-20 pounds the general cooking time for a brisket is approximately 16 hours.